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Welcome to Marks Carpet Cleaning our Carpet Repair Adelaide has given the Carpet Dry Repairs and Best Carpet Repair Adelaide serves at low-priced costs. Our professionals are provided with the most developed tools and most safe repair extracts. We have an adept crew who completely exterminate specks and grime from the carpets. Our repair solutions are safe for the environment as well. We give our services on weekends too. To understand about our friendly aids follow us at


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  • Logan Walker
    1 year ago

    Fantastic work, There are many carpet repairing companies in our city. Among these, Marks carpet repair is outstanding due to its amazing work that can repair any type of carpet without any trouble. This is the tremendous carpet repairing company I have ever seen. It is recommended t everyone for repairing their carpet. Thanks, guys

  • Lewis Pearce
    3 week ago

    The technician was very efficient and very polite. They did an awesome job plus they were very friendly. Thanks so much. The carpets look great! I have already recommended it.

  • Alexandra Matthews
    2 week ago

    Excellent job and service by Jack. Marks Carpet Cleaning had called back within minutes after call the service from me. So make an appointment in next day. Really very quickly response and good work.

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