Why Does the Air Conditioner Make Noise When It Is Off? 6 Reasons

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Why Does the Air Conditioner Make Noise When It Is Off? 6 Reasons

By Katelin Rau 1 year ago Air conditioning

Sometimes the loud noises come out from your air conditioner while running and these noises are normal to come out. But sometimes the noise is so loud that could create a bigger problem. These noises can cause headaches and can be irritating.

These are Some Common Tricks Which Come Out From Your Air Conditioner.


A loose and broken part can be the reason for banging. There may be a connecting rod, or crankshaft, inside the air conditioner compressor. If there is a banging noise, then you need to replace the compressor or might need Duct Repair Melbourne.


If any part of the AC gets out of balance, it could be due to clanking. Sometimes the compressor may need an indoor blower and replacement. This sound can be produced by hitting other parts with its blades out of balance. If you do not pay attention to such issues, then they can create more problems for you in future.


The major reason for clicking is a failed thermostat or a faulty control. Sometimes it is not possible to focus on all the electrical parts, as the unit consists of many electrical parts. Therefore, you must take care to avoid major losses.

The Reason Behind Noises:


Check the position of your air conditioner because large rocks may bend the fan blades and can catch debris easily. It’s important to clean your air conditioner regularly or you may call professional services for cleaning. You can check our blog Is It Essential To Get Duct Inspection Done Annually?

Loose Screws:

There are many screws in the panel of an air conditioner. Losing and falling any one of these screws can become the reason for the rattling sound. Placing the panels correctly and securely and heating and cooling service is very important to avoid noises.

Broken Motors:

There are two motors present in your air conditioner one is outside and another is inside. If any of the motors stop working then it might cause rattling sounds and other noises.

Compressor Motor:

When the compressor malfunctions inside air conditioner motors it can make a loud or rattling sound. A malfunctioning compressor is very loud. If you find the motor not working properly then you need to call professionals because maybe your air conditioner needs new parts.

Misaligned Fans:

The fans need to fix it in one place. Sometimes fan blades hit the inside of the units because they can become misaligned. If the problem is bigger than it may cause extensive damage.

Damaged Fan Cage:

 There are swiftly moving fan blades. If the fan blades accidentally hit the cage then they may cause damage. These blades are very sharp so this issue is solved by professionals because air conditioner fans may bend the fan blades or replace them. They also provide the best heating and cooling services.

AC Duct Leaks:

The leaky duct of your ac can make whistling noises. It’s important to seal the ductwork properly because these leaky ducts can cause energy loss which might increase your bills. So heating and cooling service is necessary. Also you can check out our blog How To Repair Your Leaky HVAC Ductwork.


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