What Temperature Should I Set My Thermostat?

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What Temperature Should I Set My Thermostat?

By Katelin Rau 2 years ago Air conditioning

AC provides a soothing and calm environment during the summer season. However the cooling temperature might become heavy on your income. The lower temperature on the thermostat is likely to increase the monthly electricity bill. 

A survey conducted by the university indicated that the temperature that beats heating and cooling to your expenditure is 78F. It is the most suitable temperature that people widely accept all around the globe. You can also take help from central air conditioner experts.

One can also save money while you are away from the home and not in contact with your air conditioner. Setting the thermostat on a higher temperature also saves a lot of money, considering the work condition. This is must because heat always travels from a higher to a lower temperature. While the temperature of the thermostat is up, the atmosphere inside the house is warmer than the outside. Therefore, heat will not flow in and when the AC is on it will require less time and temperature to cool the house. 

To Minimize and Maximize Heating and Cooling , One Can Adopt Steps for the Better Performance of the Ac Unit. 

1. Seal all the holes or slight entrance through which heat can come inside.

2. Avoid using equipment that produces heat such as heater and oven.

3. Increase the efficiency of the ac unit if the ceiling fan is in use.

4. Use an exhaust fan before switching on the air, so that the trapped heated air can be thrown away. 

5. Install energy efficient cooling devices rather than the imitated ones. 

Try setting the temperature of the thermostat to 81F and notice the reaction of the individual in your house. If one is uncomfortable, lower the temperature by 1F until it reaches 78F. Most of the time people wear heavy outfits that cause them to sweat more. More sweat leads to more and less heating and cooling of their body. People come sweating from their work and switch on the ac to a lower temperature, however at night the body temperature drops to a greater extent. This drop in the body temperature is due to the exposure to lower AC temperature. 

Various research conducted on people gave a conclusion that wearing Comfortable cloth provides them relief. Therefore, for a good sleep at night people set the thermostat to a higher temperature, 81F. This helps in reducing the monthly electricity bill and provides a suitable warm temperature. 

Ducted Air Conditioning of the body are the two different aspects that differ from people to people. It’s up to them to set their thermostat to a variable temperature that suits their body. But research suggests that the temperature that an ac should be operated at is 78F. It is said that the suitable temperature saves money too.


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