Split-system Versus Ducted Air Conditioning Comparison

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Split-system Versus Ducted Air Conditioning Comparison

By Katelin Rau 1 year ago Air conditioning

Many people are confused between ducted air or split air systems, like which air system is best. Choosing the right system is one of the most significant decisions for your budget and energy consumption. You can contact from experts of Duct Cleaning Melbourne for any kind of issues. The two types of air conditioner ducted and split are entirely different but they do the same thing- cool your home.

Working of Ducted Air Conditioners:

In a ducted air the internal fan coil unit is install on the roof space of your home. A series of ducts run into many rooms of the house from the central location. This will heat each room individually. You can select the heating and cooling temperature and other services from the thermostat on the wall. The ducted air conditioner is the best option for cooling the whole house or if you have constructed the whole house then you can install this system.

Ducting may be a costly and significant project. If you don’t have a zoning function and you only heat and cool one room then it might be possible that ducted air conditioning increases your bills. The ducted air system runs into tens of thousands of dollars and its unit price is very expensive. This is the most permanent heating and cooling service and most effective air conditioner but it comes with notable setbacks. Also you can check out our blog What is The Safest Way To Clean Ducts?

Working of Split Air Conditioner:

A distinguishing between inside and outside parts can be done in Split air conditioning: So the evaporation heat exchange that blows air into rooms is defined as inside and condensing heat exchange as outside. There are high chances that most homeowners use split systems and split systems have low initial purchase prices. If you hire a licensed technician for the installation then it might take only a day or less than a day. It is best for heating and cooling services in only one room as the unit is fairly small. The split system is less effective in large spaces and is unable to cool or heat the entire home. This system is highly effective in small areas.

Pros and Cons of Ducted Air Conditioning:


  • These conditioners are very discreet and can be tuck away behind the walls and ceilings
  • If the AC is zone then each room has different settings and services.
  • The ducted air conditioner provides the best heating and cooling services moreover can easily maintain the temperature in the whole house


  • These systems are so expensive
  • Many people avoid these systems due to inadequate space
  • If your ducted AC is not zone then you have to pay the energy costs of the whole house while air conditioning services.

Pros and Cons of Split Air Conditioning:


  • Easy to install in any selected room and you can add the additional units
  • Cheaper to install
  • Work effectively on small houses and single rooms


  • As compare to the internal units, consider the external condenser units unsightly
  • If the rooms are larger in size or spaces with interior walls then it’s so difficult to pass the air to large spaces. Read some insights on Simple Ways To Improve Your Air Duct Cleaning Efficiency.


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