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How To Do Mattress Sanitization

The mattress we sleep on deals with a lot of things in a day to day life, our mattress gets dirty because of prolonged use. When we sleep on it, we involuntarily making it dirt, besides dust our dead skin cells, sweat, hair and saliva invite bacteria on the mattress. This result in a dirty and unhygienic mattress which causes several health problems and trouble in sleeping. Therefore mattress sanitization is very important and it should be done from time to time, moreover, mattress sanitization can be done very easily. You don’t require a hefty amount of resources to do the mattress sanitization. But it is not like your regular cleaning, rather doing mattress sanitization by all means that cleansing the mattress properly. In this blog, you’ll read the process of mattress sanitization, so stick with the blog to know the complete method of Mattress Cleaning Ballarat.

Here Is The Process Of Mattress Sanitization.

Mattress sanitization can be done by a single person, you need few supplies and your ordinary vacuum cleaner to do that.

Spray Vodka.

Vodka is the cheapest and most effective disinfectant which might be available at your home, it cleanses the mattress and kills all the bacteria. First, vacuum your mattress thoroughly and then add a half cup of vodka in half of a cup of distilled water. Pour this solution in a spray bottle and spray it on the mattress, spray it all over the mattress, leave it for few minutes and turn on the fan. Then flip the mattress and again spray this solution on this side of the mattress, similarly keep it under a fan for a few minutes and vacuum clean the mattress both the side one final time.

Spray Vinegar.

Vinegar is also one of a great disinfectant, it can kill bacteria and sanitize the mattress, however, the smell of vinegar might cause the problem to some people. So to suppress the smell you can use a commercial deodorizer, or you can add essentials oils to eliminate the odour of vinegar. Add half a cup of vinegar in one cup of water, stir the solution properly, then add your choice of essential oil, 8 to 12 drops of essential oil would be enough to suppress the smell of vinegar, stir the solution again then add it ina spray bottle. Before spraying, vacuum both the sides of the mattress, when you have sprayed the solution, leave it under a fan after doing all this, vacuum the mattress again.

Call Professionals.

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